RACC Looks Forward to November

RACC Congratulates Primary Winners, Confident in Maintaining Majority in Assembly in November

Madison…The Republican Assembly Campaign Committee of Wisconsin would like to congratulate the GOP primary winners throughout the state.  Following the results in the 18 state Assembly Republican primaries, RACC is confident Republicans will remain the majority party in the Assembly.

“We have an incredibly strong field of new candidates and incumbents,” said Jenny Toftness, Executive Director of the Republican Assembly Campaign Committee.  “We know voters want Wisconsin to continue to move forward and it’s evident at the polls.”

There were five Assembly Republicans who faced primary challenges. RACC can report that all five won their primary challenges, while democrats were not as successful, losing two of their incumbents. In the case of the two democrats who lost in a primary, both didn’t tow the party line and were punished for it.

“Assembly Republicans have a track record of success.  They have reduced taxes and provided the framework for a stronger economy,” said Toftness. “We look forward to a thorough discussion of the issues leading up to the November election and we look forward to many victories that will maintain our majority.”

For more information on the Assembly Republican candidates, visit the new RACC website at www.wisracc.org.


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