Reminder to Republicans

This past week Democrats took over the majority in the state Senate.  Democratic leaders called for a special or extraordinary session of the legislature on jobs.  Ironically, these are the same Democratic senators who left the state and avoided doing their own jobs during this past legislative session. Voters don’t want Democrats jobs bills that would increase government spending and raise your taxes.  The likelihood of a special session is slim but this change in power is a great reminder to Republicans statewide.  We must maintain the majority in the state Assembly.

The last time Democrats were in control in the legislature, they increased taxes by $1.9 billion and property taxes increased by $1.5 billion.  Government spending went up 6.2 percent and borrowing skyrocketed.  With Democrats in power, the private sector lost 150,000 jobs.

 Our state is finally moving forward and creating jobs.  With the GOP in charge, our budget was balanced and we turned a $3.6 billion deficit into a surplus.  Our state can’t afford to go back to the tax and spend ways of the Democrats.  We must keep our state on the right path to a better fiscal future.